RP vs Story Timeline

Note: Time gaps are from beginning of story to beginning of story as with Master Timeline

Crucible of the Storm to Shattered Rest (Arlsyn): 6 month gap

* Bryhon and Drysi bond (Two weeks after end of COTS; Private RP)

* Carrick and Bran talk about Carrick's nightmares and Bran suggests Carrick consider a role as archivist/curator (The Chateau)

* Bran and Mira (Private RP)

* Zach and Endia (Endia's Quarters, Loril's Wing)

* Endia, Hayte, Liiam and Kallistrate (Bahori Recke)

* Carrick talks to Conlan (Arlsyn)

* Vesper, Zach, Alex, Brandyn, Alantha etc shortly after return from War (Mess Hall)

* Seren and Carrick discuss their relationship (The Arbor)

* Brandyn suggests Seren consider being a combat medic; he agrees to try to cheoky and learn to dance, she agrees to learn to surf (Sha'tris Thy'sn; 2 or 3 weeks after Mess Hall scene)

* Cal talks to Seren about Brandyn (War Room, shortly after Pit stuff with Brandyn)

* Mira and Seren (The Chateau)

* Brandyn, Diemos and Alantha (Throne Room, late autumn - early winter)

* Diemos and Alantha reporting back to Cal about Brandyn (The Labyrinth)

* Diemos and Alantha collaring Zach (The Bathing Pools)

* Cal's Study (Same day [that night] as Zach's collaring.)

* Brandyn's archery (Dro del Hainnan, first snows)

* Brandyn asking Casey if he is his father (Casey's Quarters)

* Seren teaching Brandyn to dance (TDHS: Critical Mass, 2 months after COTS)

Shattered Rest (Arlsyn) to Raven King's Codex (The Diirlathe): 6 months gap

* Cinque de Mayo, The Cantina

* Naur and Zach (Shatris Thy'sn)

* Aldis and Carrick (The Great Library)

* Fionna and Elandriil (The Dining Hall)

Raven King's Codex (Diirlathe) to Prima Materia (Diirlathe): 1 year gap

* Brandyn meets Seren's parents at Silverthorn's birthday party (The Chateau, about 6 months after the end of RKC)

* Denhiro: Alantha and Alex bump into one another at a nightclub and come to an understanding (Private RP, shortly before the start of PM)

Prima Materia (Diirlathe) to Magnum Opus (Diirlathe): 6 months gap

* Denhiro: Alantha and Alex (Private RP, coincides with end of PM)

* Bryhon and Silverthorn (War Room, shortly after the end of PM)

* Diemos runs into Aurewen after a portal goes awry (Ostohelyanwe, Elemmiire, shortly after the end of PM)

* Vanessa and Taera not long after their arrival at the Keep (Dining Hall, shortly after the end of PM)

* Denhiro: Alantha and Alex: A Shift in Dynamics (Private RP)

* Caolan and Naethyn (Private RP. The Wandering Dove and Amenthes: Beneath Aesthelm)

* Endia and Pellandril (The Labyrinth, shortly before MO)

* Bryhon, Alex and Alantha (The Labyrinth, shortly before MO)

Magnum Opus

* Midsummer Ball (The Hanging Gardens, c. 6 months after the start of MO)

* Jack and Callan during the Midsummer Ball (The Throne Room, c. 6 months after the start of MO)

* Daemon, Thorn and Callan during the Midsummer Ball after Callan's conversation with Jack (The Throne Room, c. 6 months after the start of MO)

* Jack and Cal during the Midsummer Ball after Jack's conversation with Callan (Cal's Study, c. 6 months after the start of MO)